A Great App for Visitors and
Residents of Little Edo

The purpose of our Little Edo for All Web portal app is to enhance
everyone’s appreciation and enjoyment of our town of Koedo, Kawagoe,
and to help build deep and sustainable ties to our community.
The app, presented by the free local magazine kawagoe premium,
is intended both for residents and for the visitors drawn by our town’s many attractions.

For Visitors and Residents Alike…
Enjoy the great attractions of this town, and its wonderful shopping opportunities, from morning through night. The app presents lively and pertinent news, and offers special discount coupons available nowhere else. Our content can be viewed in any of six languages (using automated machine translation). A great place for discovering new goings-on in town.
Kawagoe is a lively town, with numerous events every week. Visit the Events pages to see a list of events by registered organizations (arranged by starting date). Learn about events, attend those that seem interesting, and deepen your ties with the community.
In 2016, kawagoe premium won the Nippon Community Contents Association’s 2016 Grand Prize as the country’s best free town magazine. Our Little Edo for All app, presented by the magazine’s editorial department, offers journalistic scope and regular updates covering interesting facts and news. Use the app to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of our town. Read about local hot spots, history, culture, and more.

Using the App

The app is available free-of-charge for general users. Just download and install. Content is cleanly designed: easy to use, and easy to understand. Select any of six languages: Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified characters), English, Korean, and Thai. (Uses automated translation by Google Translate.)

Use word searches and map searches to find great shops and attractions. Read the latest news, and download app-exclusive discount coupons!

Learn about stores, events (see the Events pages), must-visit spots, and other comprehensive coverage, brought to you by the editors of kawagoe premium.

For the people who visit Kawagoe,or living in Kawagoe

For the people who visit Kawagoe,
or living in Kawagoe

Presented by:Sakurai Printing, Inc.
Developed by:J-WAVEi Inc.
Supported by:The Kawagoe Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Sakurai Printing, Inc., launched the free town kawagoe premium magazine in October 2015, with the mission of providing robust information about the community to a target audience of “both visitors and residents.” The magazine won the Nippon Community Contents Association’s 2016 Grand Prize as the country’s best free town magazine, and the 2017 Excellence Award for Regional Production” from the same organization.
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If You Are Operating a Business in Kawagoe…

Why not consider reaching out to visitors
and residents through our supremely local Web portal app.
The portal attracts both locals and sightseers, and offers a great way to draw attention,
reach potential customers, and expand your connection to your community.
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